Promote long-term business viability with a expert eye on your servers

  • Safeguard and improve the integrity of your infrastructure

  • Reduce server vulnerabilities & minimize downtime

  • Provide a flexible IT environment focused on scalability

  • Constantly monitor servers & increase security protocols

  • Offer timely upgrades and backups

General Services
  • Server & network troubleshooting

  • Server & network connectivity optimization

  • Server & network connectivity optimization

  • Hardware repair and replacement

  • Operating system management

  • Server installation & migration

  • IT network deployment

Network Services
  • Network maintenance

  • Remote monitoring

  • Diagnostics

  • Network troubleshooting

  • Network connectivity

  • Patch management

  • Web filtering

  • Antivirus updates

  • Operating system updates

Operating Systems & Frameworks
  • Windows servers

  • Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat

  • Debian, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64

  • Apple, iOS, iPadOS, macOS

  • cPanel / WHM

  • Web service solution stacks (LAMP)> MySQL databases

  • MySQL databases

Server Monitoring
  • Internet control message protocol (ICMP) monitoring

  • Simple network management protocol (SNMP)

  • SNMP for CPU/RAM usage, Disk I/O, NIC throughput

  • Hardware RAID status (if applicable)

  • Website, E-Mail, MySQL port status

DNS Support
  • Web portal available for client customization

  • DNS change management

  • Advanced DNS configuration

  • DNS troubleshooting

File Sharing
  • Assist with set up of new users

  • Setup & mapping of windows shared drive

  • File sharing between operating systems

  • Third-party support (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Gdrive, One Drive)

  • Assist with setup & configuration of FTP, FTPS, and SFTP

  • An outline of the current position of your IT systems will be provided

Web Server Support
  • New website setup

  • Domain redirects & re-write setup

  • Install & configure common web extensions (i.e. PHP)

  • Apply general security tweaks & performance optimizations

  • Custom logging-in & permissions setup

  • SSL management & web authentication configuration

  • Email server issue management

  • SQL server connectivity management

  • Customer logs & file troubleshooting

  • Support for Windows IIS, Apache, Nginx

Database Service Support
  • Install & configure database software

  • New database setup

  • Local database backups

  • Remote database importing

  • Basic security changes

  • MSSQL, MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, others

Control panel Support
  • cPanel WHM

  • Enterprise web hosting software management

  • Web Admin

Email Server Support
  • Install & configure email servers

  • New domain setup

  • Enable anti-spam & anti-malware setup

  • Configure e-mail virus & spam scanner rate-limits

  • Realtime blackhole-list checks

  • DNS records setup

  • Mail delivery troubleshooting

Load Balancing
  • Distribute incoming application traffic across multiple servers

  • Round robin, static round-robin

  • Least connections & IP source

  • Sticky sessions & health checks

  • SSL termination, multi-port, connection throttling

  • Geolocation in DNS traffic management

Server Patching & Updates
  • Daily update and install of critical patches

  • Automated patching service available

  • Scheduling of server reboots after patching, if needed

  • Pre-patch report on the current status of pending updates

  • Post-patch report on the application of the latest updates

VPN Support
  • Client-based VPN setup

  • Site-to-site tunneling

  • Access list setup to ensure VPN is restricted to specific servers & accounts

  • VPN configuration management

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