Establish the rules, policies and methods that your service requires to achieve sustainable growth

  • Ensure IT infrastructure meets regulatory standards

  • Align business’ mission with a commitment to security

  • Define the adequate use of employed technologies

  • Structure organization's response to security incidents

  • Prepare company for potential audits

  • Ensure proper compliance with regulations & best practices

Define IT rules
  • Security awareness & training rules

  • Change management rules

  • Incident response rules

  • Remote access rules

  • Vendor management rules

  • Password creation rules

  • Others

define IT policies
  • Acceptable use policy

  • Security awareness & training policy

  • Change management policy

  • Incident response policy

  • Remote access policy

  • Vendor management policy

  • Password creation & management policy

  • Identity access management policy (Iam)

  • Data governance

legal & regulatory compliance
  • Asses compliance & operational risk

  • Perform detailed legal checklist analysis

  • Team up with counsel to ensure IT legal compliance

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