Shield your enterprise from growing
external and internal threats

  • Minimize interruption to steady operations

  • Limit the extent of disruption and damage

  • Minimize the economic impact of any interruption

  • Set up alternative means of operation in advance

  • Train personnel in emergency procedures

  • Provide smooth and rapid restoration of service

  • Reduce probability of occurrence

  • Minimize decision-making during a disastrous event Minimize legal liability

IT Discovery
  • Analyze IT infrastructure

  • Identify IT assets

  • Categorize IT assets

  • Identify tech dependencies

IT Reliance
  • Network maintenance

  • Remote monitoring

  • Diagnostics

  • Network troubleshooting

Risk Analysis
  • Identify main IT vulnerabilities

  • Perform threat modeling

  • Identity possible disaster scenarios

  • Map specific impacts & associated damage

Preventative Measures
  • Existing Infrastructure improvement

  • Data center relocation plan

  • Inventory & documentation

DRP Specifications
  • Data collection & backup

  • Emergency procedure design

  • Recovery strategy design

  • Stress test design

  • Assign DRP team

Testing, Approval & Maintenance
  • Conduct realistic disaster drills

  • Learn & adjust DRP accordingly

  • Confirm DRP effectiveness

  • Get final sign-off by stakeholders

  • Review & maintain an up-to-date plan

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