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Unlike others who only offer a free consultation...

We take it a step further by conducting an in-depth analysis of your situation at no cost to you

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  • No commitment
  • Identify improvements
  • See value before deciding
  • No hidden fees
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This is not your simple consultation

Why a free Analysis?
  • Identify cost-cutting opportunities

  • Find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure

  • Discover unknown aspects about your IT ecosystem

  • Understand how your IT challenges could be overcome

  • Determine which services you truly need

  • Meet & evaluate the account managers you would work with

What can the Analysis be focused on?
  • Cost analysis

  • Support & maintenance

  • IT security & compliance

  • Strategic IT projectsYour chosen area of interest

How is the Analysis procedure?
  • One of our experts will meet with you to understand your business model & needs

  • We will ask about relevant history of your current IT infrastructure

  • A personalized questionnaire about your setup will be sent for you to fill out

  • A physical audit of your IT systems would be performed if needed

  • We will benchmark your IT infrastructure vs current industry best practices

  • An outline of the current position of your IT systems will be provided

  • We will present the identified shortfalls and risks to suggest possible improvements

  • Only if you're interested, we’ll discuss your needs and prepare a cost-efficient proposal

What makes us different?

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